The following pictures were taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T1 digital camera. We have had the camera for a few years, and I often use it for candid photos of the family. I keep the camera on it's standard settings, and I have not used many of it's advanced features. I couldn't find the manual that came with the camera, but I found a copy on the Internet.

This exercise caused me reread the camera manual, and I actually learned a lot about many different features of the camera. I learned that there are different types of autofocus; I thought autofocus was just one option. I also learned how to set the camera for different times of the day and different light. The most interesting features I learned about are the Speed Burst the Multi Burst options. If I set the camera to "Multi-burst" it will take 16 shots per succession. Though I don't need to take continuous shots for this project, it is a great feature I had fun experimenting with. I know I will use the bursting features when shooting something in motion.

I really enjoyed taking the pictures and experimenting with different options on my camera. My biggest frustration so far has been formating this WIKI page. It has been a lot of trail and error, and it seems like it has been mostly error. I would love to learn how to make this page more appealing.

I downloaded GIMP 2 and used it to resize the pictures. I found the resizing option of GIMP very helpful and very easy to use.

Following are the photos I shot:

Beautiful Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

This is the first picture I took of the tree. It was taken from only a few feet away. The picture is not especially clear, and it looks a little dark. The photo looked better as a larger image.

Ruler Next to Tree

Ruler and Tree Picture 2

As you can see, I placed a ruler against the tree in these shots to show the actual size of the tree. I used the zoom feature of the camera in the first shot so you can see the numbers on the ruler better. This is a very small tree. The tree trunk is only a little over a foot tall.

Shot of tree from longer distance

This is another shot of the tree taken from a little further away. This shot shows that the tree is part of the landscaping next to the garage and driveway. This shot also shows some of the bigger trees in our backyard.

Close to Tree

This picture was taken closer to the tree. It shows the beautiful blue-green color of the needles.

Close up of spruce branch

Close up of cone forming

These close up shots are my two favorite pictures. I think they show beautiful detail of the branches and the cones that are forming. I used the magnifing option on the camera to get clear close ups.

Shot taken looking up.

This picture is another one of my favorites. I set the camera close to the ground below the tree and took the photo facing up. I think it is amazing how it makes the little tree appear so large.


I was experimenting with this shot. My goal was to get a small piece of the tree in the foreground and show the much larger trees in the background. I love that the sun is shining through the other trees.

I wanted to add another element of technology to this piece. So, I went through the options on the wiki page. I saw I could add a map. I used Google Maps and was able to find a satelite view of our house. I tried to get a picture of the tree, but this view was as close as I could get. Our house is in the center of the picture. You can see the trees in the backyard, our trampoline (the black and blue circle in the backyard) and our driveway. The tree is in the front landscaping next to the driveway on the left side of the house.

Here is a link to google maps that shows a view of the house...,-86.223536&spn=0.000798,0.001808&t=k&z=19&om=1

I decided to embed the picture directly into the page. I would like to know how to add an arrow showing the location of the tree. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate your input.

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That was fun! Now on to the photo editing section! Blue Spruce Editing