Digital Camera Explorations

When you start using a new camera, spend some time exploring the possibilities of digital photography.

Start by examining a single object in-depth. How many different ways can you view the object? Try some of these ideas:
  • Close-up, medium shot, long shot, specific aspects of object (i.e., bark, leaves)
  • Shots that provide context and help people understand “place” (i.e., parking space & car)
  • Child’s view, adult’s view (i.e., from height of the person)
  • Over-the-shoulder, varied points of view
  • Use include an object such as a coin or ruler to indicate size of objects
  • Vary Angles – shoot up, down, tilt, landscape, and portrait
  • Camera Settings – see what features on your camera do and write them down.

Select and share at least 5 of your favorite photographs (around 300 to 400 pixels height/width and 72 dpi). Be sure to tell us what type of camera you used, what techniques you used, and what you found interesting about the photos. Also, share other fun and/or frustrations related to your exploration.

Share your favorite object explorations:

Digital Photography: Digital Camera Explorations