Camera Exploration-Dwight Bobblehead

I decided to take pictures of my Dwight Bobblehead from my favorite television show The Office. Dwight is a character on the show. I had purchased the bobblehead for my brother two year ago. A day after he got it, he was throwing a ball around his room and knocked over Dwight, breaking his head off. His head was glued back on with super glue, although he seems to have a permanent tilt to the left.

I used my Kodak Easyshare C340 camera. It has 5.0 megapixels. There a bunch of different settings to take the pictures-standard, beach, outside, night, and fireworks are a few. You can also change the color of the photos to black and white or sepia.

Frustrations: I have had this camera for a few years now and I still cannot use it very well. There are a bunch of different flash settings that I have no clue what the difference is and when I'm supposed to use them. You can tell in a few pictures the flash makes the picture bad. I hate taking pictures in my house because of this.

Dwight at different angles (All pictures taken with close up feature on my camera)

Dwight from the front.

Dwight from above.

Dwight from the side

Dwight from below

Dwight lying down (I didn't even know this was undernearth)

Dwight up close

Up close of the eye

Playing with camera settings

All pictures taken with no flash because that seemed to work the best.

First I changed the colors

Dwight as sepia.
Dwight as black and white.

Next I played with the different settings for the camera.
Beach Setting.

Night time setting.

Fireworks setting.

The message on the screen said to make sure I was as steady as possible. It also had to process the picture for like 30 seconds. I'll have to remember to try it out on fireworks next year to see how it works when you are supposed to use it. I really like this picture though.

Dwight having fun :)
Dwight outside

My brother and me had way to much fun with him outside-look for some more pictures here.