Editing Pictures with GIMP-Using Filters

I decided to edit the pictures using GIMP's Filter menu. These distort pictures in a fun way, there really is not point to doing these but the filters would make some really unique pictures. Some of them radically changed the picture so you cannot even tell what the original picture is. I could spend hours taking pictures and making them look different. I'm really happy I found a free program to do this. I have worked with Paint Shop Pro before in college but it is not a free program.

This is the original picture.

Dwight as a cartoon.


Dwight as a cloth. (looks like wallpaper to me)


Dwight turned into glass tile.


Dwight as a mosaic. You can hardly tell what the picture is.


Dwight as a photocopy.


Dwight as a polar coordinates. My favorite, it looks like it is a mirrored globe.