original head shot from O'Bannon Memorial
I used the background eraser to take out the background and the art media effect of colored chalk
edited with Art Media effect brush strokes
edited with the artistic effect of aged newspaper
original O'Bannon Memorial shot
O'Bannon Memorial shot edited with fill flash

I edited these photos with my son's Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 photo editing software. It was fun to try out the different artistic effects. When I used the background eraser, like the paint tool, to get rid of the background in the head shot it took forever. My son said there is another tool I could have used to cut out the image and transfer to another photo that would be faster and easier. But I wanted to try to figure things out on my own. The fill flash can really make a difference on pictures like the one above where there was too much sunlight in the background causing the silhouette effect. The most frustrating thing so far is if I forget to save a wiki page and try to delete an image and lose everything I have created.