Margo Jones
L595 Digital Camera Exploration

I took several pictures of a Russian matreshka doll. It is a hand painted nested doll—meaning it has dolls inside of dolls. I think matreshka dolls are very pretty. If you would like more information, you can visit: . The final picture is the full set.

: When taking pictures of the doll I took several close shots. I took medium and long shots; however, since the doll is approximately 7 inches, the long and medium shots did not show the hand painted detail and colors. In addition, I took slanted, up and down shots. Only one of the pictures is a portrait, whereas the others are landscape. Normally, children are fascinated with dolls and small objects, so I took most of the pictures from a child’s view (approximately 3ft. in height).

What I found Interesting: I found it interesting that the matreshka dolls photographed better in the landscape format and close up shots. In addition, I noticed that the lighting had to be correct in order to capture the vividness of the colors. In addition, I found out that zooming does not always produce a clearer picture.

Camera Features: My camera has an optical zoom of 3x and a digital zoom of 5x; yet, I discovered that the optical zoom produces clearer and sharper images. It also has many picture –taking modes; however, I found that the automatic feature works best.

Fun Experience—I had fun taking pictures. I am relatively new to digital photography and I enjoyed taking pictures and transferring the images to my computer. In addition, I enjoyed previewing the pictures on the camera. Further, I found it fun to adjust the lighting and zoom features.