The camera used was a Kodak EasyShare DX4330. These images are from a training session to "sit" and "stay" as I walked further and further away from my dog. They were cropped to the size 185x123. The fun part of this was manipulating the images with the tools in GIMP. I did not save any changes created except the middle photo which adjusted the contrast. The tools I worked with were selection circular, elliptical, and hand drawn regions, zooming, cropping, erasing and flipping an image.
The difficulty I had was with trying to put the picture from GIMP int the wiki. I finally realized that I had to save it after sizing and cropping the image and then opening it back up again. Another problem I had was in linking. I know it's me because everyone else seems to be doing okay. I think I traced my problem back to the initial creation of my page. I did not continue working on that page and kept making new ones. This is probably the third time I have created this assignment. I'm really good with the "add image" button now!