Margo Jones
Fiesta 2- Photo Editing

The horse pictures were taken at Conner Prairie Museum in Fishers, Indiana. The horse's name is Shirley and she has a very nice temperament—very gentle and calm. I used the trial version of Arcsoft Photo Impression to edit the second and third pictures. The first picture is the original. As you can see, it was very dark, so I used the enhancement feature to lighten the picture (the second picture). Now Shirley’s face is brighter and clearer. In the third picture, I added the sunset just for scenic purposes. I think the sunlight went well with Shirley’s color and the setting of the picture. It makes the picture more picturesque. For instance, Shirley’s hair reflects beautifully in the golden sunlight. In the fourth picture, I used HP Photo Essential software and changed the photograph to an antique color. I think the antique look changes the whole effects of the picture, as it makes the picture look like a historical picture.