The Easy button...

by Amber Watkins
I chose the Easy button because my family has been getting a kick out of it lately! We have one at home and have purchased a few as gifts for different family members. I love to use it when I am crazy busy and my husband asks (or tells, rather) me to get him a drink or something. It really does ease tension and stress!



I just stuck a couple of photos in here because photos of the button were not that interesting! But, I chose these two because they were my favorites. The first one gives you a true idea of what the button looks like. The second photo is the button very out of focus. This was a close-up shot of the button. I liked it because often times when I use the button, this is how I feel. Out of focus because everything in life has me going crazy! The bright circle in the middle of each photo is an overhead light.

While I could have chose something more fascinating to photograph, I liked this because it was simple. On the other hand, I think the Easy button says a lot about life. It seems like a simple thing, but oh how it can relieve some stress and tension with just a little touch.

Well, the most frustrating thing about this project was trying to resize the photos. Once I figured out how to use the 20 million photo softwares on my PC, it was EASY. However, I misread the instructions and thought that the photos had to be 200 X 300 exactly. That was darn near impossible. Finally, I figured out that the instructions said no more than!