Michele Linn
Fiesta 2
Editing photographs can be easy and fun using the many different software programs available on the market today. On my computer, I have HP Photo and Imaging software as well as Kodak Easy Share. To alter the photographs, I used both programs. To resize the photos I used HP. This was very easy and I resized all photos in a couple of minutes. The photos started out utilizing 1000 to 2000 pixels and was quickly reduced to 200 to 300.
I did not alter the photos as far as brightness, cropping, red eye, contrast, rotation, etc.
Instead I created some fun photos with Kodak Easy Share. Kodak Easy Share has several tabs such as "fun effects" (which allows one to place fun effects to the photo such as making the photo into a coloring book page, a cartoon character, or a fish eye view or spotlight view of the photo), and "scene effects," which has sub tabs to alter the color of the photo (such as sepia, black and white, forest, sunset, etc.) These functions are a great way to add creativity to any photo or project using photos. Scrap books, whether virtual or traditional would benefit from this software. I also used the program Paint to add text and bubbles to a few photos.

The first two photos consist of inserted text and colored circles. These photos were edited with the Microsoft Paint program. Once in Paint, I added text, the word "beautiful." In the second photo, I used the circle tool to draw different colored circles. Thus, as one can see, other programs besides photo editing software can be used to modify photos.

Before colored circles were added.

After colored circles were added.

The two photos located, below right, were created using Kodak Easy Share. I used two tabs, Fun Effects and Scene Effects. These are great tools and they are a lot of fun! The scene effects mostly change the color of the photo. I used sunset on the first picture giving it a golden appearance. However, there is also sepia, black and white, scenic, and portrait. In the second photo I used forest, which gives it a vivid, brighter color.
The tab fun effects was used as well. I used the spotlight fun effect on the first photo which darkens the outer corners and draws an oval around the subject of the photograph. In the second photo, the fish eye fun effect was used giving the appearance of a fish in a bowl of water. Additionally, it gives the appearance of a photo on top of a photo.

No effect


Added fun effects...Spotlight
Added scene effect... Sunset
No effects

Added scene effect....Forest
Added fun effect...Fish eye view