Michele Linn
Fiesta 2
I decided to snap photos of my Great Niece, Kylee. I used a Kodak Easy Share digital camera for this project. I noticed quickly while photographing an energetic toddler that it is not so easy. While Kylee was running back and forth it is very easy to blur the photos, even digital ones. One great aspect of digital photography is that through the editing tool, one can quickly reduce the blur factor. Kylee5.jpg


Above, I attempted to capture the look on Kylee's face. Additionally, one can look beyond the main focus, (the baby), and look at the background. I noticed while taking these photos
that backgrounds are important. I found myself taking pictures
of Kylee, and something or someone would pop up in the
background at the wrong time.That is where cropping is
an added plus of digital photography. Notice in the photo to your right that there is a smear in
the upper right hand corner. This can be corrected by using photo editing software.
I also noticed that it can be advantageous to take photos of
toddlers or babies because you can catch spontaneous poses.
The photos can capture their raw emotions like the ones above as Kylee
explores the outside. I attempted to take photos from different
angles. I also took photos from both sides of Kylee. You know how the old saying goes, "Everyone has a good side."

In the photo above, Kylee is looking through the
gate at a swimming pool. This photo could have
been created with the pool in view. However, it
is interesting for the viewer to imagine
what Kylee is looking at.
Children, animals, and nature
are great photo subjects because
of the innocent and spontaneous
Click on the editing page to see how I edited some photos.